King’s Nutrition




Why King’s Nutrition?

At King’s Pharmacy we care about the health of our community. And that’s why we had to have King’s Nutrition, because sports nutrition isn’t just an addition to our business, it IS our business. Let us help you reach your goals.


Don’t Buy Online. We have in the best prices right here in town!

Why drive out of town when King’s Pharmacy carries the exact same supplements as the other guys? We carry brand name supplements at prices that are competitive to anything you’ll find online. Get what you need, when you need it.


King’s Nutrition has a full supplement line. We have a vast selection of supplements from all the top brands and are your one stop shop for all your supplement needs. Whether it’s stress relief, sports performance or weight loss, our knowledgeable staff pharmacists will put you on track for success.

Sports Nutrition

At King’s Nutrition we take sports nutrition seriously. Our professional lines of sports nutrition products beat online prices and are available without the hassle or wait time of ordering online.